Eve Minax, Lead Staff Instructor

“Throughout my history I have been blessed to work and study directly with some of the best teachers our community has to offer. Both my knowledge and skills owe their richness to all those who have touched them. I continue to study from others and especially learn from my students.” – Eve Minax


Alternative sexualities educator Eve Minax (http://www.eveminax.com) delights in proliferating carnal knowledge from the heart. She is a BDSM/Kink educator and consultant, a lifestyle and professional Domina, and published author. Cléo says of Minax, “A sophisticated, versatile kinky educator she is also a great friend.”

Eve Minax’s practice emerges from compassion, mindfulness, and deep wit. Her inclusionary skills manifest in a dedication to diversity and acceptance. Minax encourages many people of all persuasions to develop and maintain long term connected relationships. Eve values the magic of Dominance and submission (D/s or Control/surrender) dynamics, and helps newcomers and seasoned alike in their exploration of self and relationship to others.


Besides holding a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies with a Sexuality Concentration. Minax is certified in Urban Tantra with Barbara Carellas and is not only a certified Bondassage practitioner, she also co-wrote the book!  She has studied and practiced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (the other CBT), Visualization and Mindfulness Techniques, and Non Violent Communication. Currently, Eve is pioneering a new genre of pairing kinky sex scenes with cuisine and writing her next series of writings on Kink and Transformation.

Art, Community and Academic Experience

Recognized as an expert resource across multiple areas in Alternative Sexuality, Minax currently serves as an advisor on RAC, Research and Advisory Committee, for CARAS (Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities) and she is on the Community Research Advisory Board for TASHRA. (The Alternative Sexualities Resource Health Alliance). Former production coordinator for CineKink: Chicago, she has also acted as the West Coast Coordinator for the Leather Archives and Museum conserving and dispersing leather history. Minax is a firm supporter of the NCSF, Woodhull Foundation, SWOP, Sex Workers Outreach Project and the ACLU

San Francisco Sex Information, (SFSI) trained and always exploring, Minax maintains a loving and extended leather family throughout the world.