Selina Raven, Assistant Instructor

“I’ve been honored to work with The Academy of SM Arts as an instructor. The work that I do with lifestyle women discovering their inner Domina has been particularly rewarding for me.” ~ Selina Raven

Selena Raven, Professonal Domina and Instructor at the Academy of SM ArtsVoted “Best Dang Dominatrix” in the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay 2007, Selina Raven is an active member of San Francisco’s SM community and a practicing professional Domina. She’s been engaging in various forms of bodyplay for as long as she can remember, and began Mistressing professionally in 1998. In 2000, Selina met Cléo’s dear friend, Sybil Holiday, and was greatly honored when Sybil agreed to become her mentor and guide.

Cléo met Selina shortly after she became a member of Sybil’s leather family, and invited her to join the Academy of SM Arts as an assistant teacher. Working with the Academy has been a dream come true for Selina, as she loves to share her SM skills, and to provide students a safe, nonjudgemental environment in which to discover their own erotic power.

Educational Background

Selina holds an Associate’s degree in Health Sciences from Meritt College. Her years of experience as a dance movement and yoga teacher, along with university level knowledge of anatomy and physiology, give her an informed perspective on teaching bio-mechanically safe ways to engage in SM play. Selina is a popular guest lecturer at UC Berkeley regularly invited to talk about BDSM as part of the Female Sexuality Program. She is also a featured presenter at Good Vibrations’ after hours programs.

Bringing Real Life Expertise to Teaching

Selina lives a loving D/s lifestyle. Her boy, piggy, has served her for almost eleven years and has been formally collared to her for five years. Selina’s perspective on D/s is also enhanced by having spent years of providing service. She gives her valuable insights into lifestyle D/s for those who choose to follow this challenging, and rewarding path.

Being on the staff at the Academy of SM Arts is a wonderful part of her on-going commitment to touch others with the magic of SM.

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