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How much experience do I need to attend an intensive? (click here for answer)

Students vary in their levels of engagement with SM communities or other alternative erotic cultures. While not absolutely necessary, you are most likely to benefit if you have at least some hands-on experience in BDSM.  If you have never explored your kink before, or are just making the transition from online play to real-life scening, during our phone interview we can determine if the intensive, or shorter classes would be right for you.

I’m already experienced. What will I get out of an intensive? (click here for answer)

Perhaps you want to get out of a rut, or your skills are rusty after a long “vanilla vacation,”  or you want to deepen your connection with your partner(s).  Academy intensives go beyond skills to focus on the heart and spirit of SM and D/s, empowering you with greater confidence in your ability to shape and hold Top Space and a deeper understanding of your own erotic truth.

What if I am an experienced bottomed but have never Topped before? (click here for answer)

Your experience has given you an intimate understanding of what a bottom/sub expects and needs.  Cléo, Minax and Selina will help you to apply your experiences and understanding as a bottom to becoming a skillful, conscious and powerful Top.

Do I need special equipment? (click here for answer)

No!  We will provide the tools and toys you will need to practice.  However, if you have your own favorites, please bring them.

What should I wear? (click here for answer)

This is up to you!  We recommend clothes that are comfortable and in which you feel sexy.  Students dress up for the play party held at the end.  For some people this might mean “fetish wear” while for others it might mean a favorite outfit.

Will sex be involved? (click here for answer)

No genital sex, but expect to experience erotic energy exchanges that can be very deep and real in the moment.

What if I am not into trying all of the skills you offer – can I just watch? (click here for answer)

Yes, of course! The principles of safe, sane and consensual go for tops as well as bottoms!

You talk about SM and spirituality. What do you mean? (click here for answer)

In the safety of our ritual of pleasure/pain and dominance/submission we embody archetypes. We leave our everyday mundane existence to go deeper in ourselves.  Our hearts open we experience our sensuality and sexuality as sacred.

Click here to listen to a podcast interview on Personal Life Media in which Cleo discusses the relationship between BDSM and ritual.

I am currently single or need to attend alone. Who will I practice with? (click here for answer)

We have as many wonderful volunteer bottoms as we have attendees, allowing you to participate in all of the hands-on sections of the intensive.  In order to hone your skills, and to receive honest, sensitive feedback from several points of view, we will encourage you to  partner with most of them. Academy bottoms are honest and love to help participants find their dominant voices.  And they are fun too!

What will actually take place during the intensive? (click here for answer)

During our phone consultation, I will gladly share with you the curriculum hour per hour.  Although the course outline is set, we tailor each intensive to suit attendees needs and interests.

Where do the intensives take place? Will people know that I am going into a BDSM establishment? (click here for answer)

Unless otherwise noted, intensives take place at the San Francisco Citadel.  We recognize that many participants are not out as kinky. The entrance to The CItadel is discreet, and will protect your privacy and confidentiality.

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Why do I need an interview with Eve Minax before I enroll? (click here for answer)

During this phone call, you and lead instructor and Academy administrator will decide if an intensive is right for you.  Very occasionally, someone decides during the call that they would benefit more from shorter classes or a private coaching session. Also, because you will be working closely with a small group of 5 to 8 others, we need to know that you will be comfortable with the other attendees.

Why do I need to fill out the questionnaire? (click here for answer)

The questionnaires help us to tailor each intensive to address attendees’ specific interests. There are no right or wrong answers.  Many participants tell us that completing the questionnaire is an interesting and valuable experience, as it helps them think more deeply about their erotic life and desires.

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