Community Organizations and Services


The Society of Janus
This is the second oldest SM educational organization in America. Started by Cynthia Slater in 1974, it is an active group with monthly programs.

The Exiles
The premier Bay Area Leatherwomen’s Group! The Exiles is a hot, safe place to learn about BDSM between women.

Community Services

SF Citadel Community Center
The Citadel’s mission is to create a safe place to meet, explore and share information about safety, techniques and resources within those communities locally and nationally. Provides educational classes and workshops, cultural events, a historical archive, and other resources.

Center for Sex and Culture
Provides non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations by means of classes, workshops, social gatherings, and hands-on, practical skills-building events.

A beautiful, private and well-equipped bondage and kink playspace in San Francisco for private and independent players.

Chicago Leather Archives & Museum
This is the permanent home of our leather history. Library, Archives and Museum. Amazing art and history of the leather community! Not to be missed when in Chicago.

Kink Aware Professionals
Free online service that refers kinky folks to psychotherapists, and certain other professionals, that are sensitive to their sexuality.


Two Knotty Boys
This is the personal site of Knots Rigger artist, my friend, JD.

Gloria Brame, PhD
Sensitive, non-judgmental, and confidential counseling on sexuality and relationships.