Cléo Dubois’ The Pain Game: Journey into the World of Dark Eros

Cleo Dubois' The Pain Game: Journey into the World of Dark Eros“‘The Pain Game’ took away many doubts from my partner. There is so much spirituality set free. It is simply terrific, beautiful, authentic and true. Breathtaking to get involved by the pictures. Awaiting the second one with impatience. Very good to know, that there is you who does such a good work.” ~ Deiter, Germany

The Pain Game: Journey into the World of Dark Eros
Cleo Dubois, 2000, USA, 54 min
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Contains NSFW adult content not suitable for work 
The Pain Game is SM Art at its highest. BDSM educator and practitioner, Cléo Dubois takes you on an unforgettable psycho-erotic journey into the advanced world of Dark Eros. Witness the unique connection she creates with play-partners Creed and Brad, as they all expand personal boundaries in the confines of her dungeon.  Scenes include the art of negotiation, light bondage, heavy whipping, high erotic pain, bloodless play-piercing, intense heartfelt connection and shamanic SM. This video contains intense play, which requires safety skills not at a novice level.

Awards & Screenings

  • Recognition Award, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
  • San Francisco Frameline Film Festival 2001
  • 2nd Annual S/M Film Festival in New York
  • Festival de l’Etrange in Paris
  • GLBT Film Festival in Berlin and Amsterdam
  • Conference of the Society of Scientific Study of Sex
  • Flaming Film Festival in Minneapolis
  • Festival Extreme in Toulouse, France

Selected Reviews, by Blowfish Buyer, Greta
It’s not too often that we get a video at Blowfish that we’re truly and tremendously excited about… The Pain Game by Cléo Dubois is one of these. Partly an informational and demonstration video, and partly a purely “this stuff is amazing and fun to watch” video, The Pain Game captures the feel, the emotion, the sheer joy of SM play, better than almost any video we’ve seen. The scenes are intense and authentic, with a strong, real, loving connection between Cleo and her submissives (a handsome older gentleman named Brad, and a striking younger woman called Creed). There’s some powerful and fascinating stuff going on — whipping, bondage, cock play, clothespins, and piercing — and you get a good, clear look at all of it. But there’s also close and loving attention to faces and body language, giving a vivid impression, not just of what’s being done, but of how it all feels. And Cleo’s narration is intelligent, articulate, and insightful.

The Village Voice, Jan 3-9, 2001, By Tristan Taormino
Dubois transcends the typical “let me beat the crap out of you just for the hell of it” kind of BDSM story.The Pain Game is one of the more thoughtful BDSM flicks I’ve seen, with much camera attention paid to the two bottoms, their responses and their pleasure. Instead of paying lip service to crucial concepts like “negotiation” and “consensuality,” Dubois shows us the process as she and Brad talk about their experience level, their desires, and their limits before their scene. Plus Dubois’s talking clips offer insight into kink: “In this society, we really support people who push their limits in sports and other things. We don’t support those who push their limits and find out who they are when there is an erotic component.”

Carol Queen, Ph.D, Founder, Center for Sex and Culture
By turns diabolical, nurturing and sensuous, Cléo Dubois weaves a spell that is 100% authentic SM. The Pain Game works as well as an informational video as it does documenting the extraordinary San Francisco Leather Community which nurtured Cléo’s wisdom.”

Mark Thompson, editor of “Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics and Practice” “Passionate and wise, sexy and self-revealing, this video provides an excellent resource for novices and longtime players alike.”

Dossie Easton, co-author “The Topping Book” and “The Bottoming Book”
“With genius and integrity, she conducts us through two intense SM scenes, starting with the realities of negotiation, and proceeding onward from the practical to the sublime.”

Annie Sprinkle, Sex Educator & Film Producer, Performance Artist
“The Pain Game is destined to be an SM classic. It is not only about erotic pain but also about intensity, energy, emotions, beauty, connection & passion. All this, and it’s got excellent production values, too.” 

Purchase DVD in a boxed set w/ “Tie Me Up!”