Dominatrix Training: The Advanced Course!

This first Advanced Intensive is currently full!

Thank you!  There is a wait list. Please fill out an application questionnaire and Head Administrator Eve Minax will be in touch with you.

Deepen your understanding of fetishes and appreciation of kink, including your own!  

This powerful and intimate three day workshop is for women with experience in Professional Domination who want to increase their knowledge, skills, and expressions of their own ethical style as professional Dominas.

Who Is It For?

Geared toward graduates of our Intensives, Cléo Dubois and Eve MInax invite those of you who wish to advance your BDSM skills, psychology and understanding of the sacred trust each Dominatrix has with her clients to this very first Advanced Intensive at the SF Citadel September 13-15, 2019.

Our Intensives are designed with your needs in mind, so we may add more or omit any of the following.

Subjects Covered:

Physical skills including

  • Flogging for trance and catharsis, florentine and single tails
  • E-stim
  • Bondage with JD from Two Knotty Boys
  • Piercing for ritual and sensation play
  • Mummification for Transformation

Psychological Skills including

  • Mindfuckery/Kidnapping and Interrogation
  • Specialized Fetishes and how to handle them
  • How to really know what your client is about and could progress to
  • Tease and Denial to Full On Chastity Training
  • Expanding limits: yours and your clients


  • Designing and developing a powerful ritual

Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax emphasize connection, energy and how not to burn out as well as creating/ maintaining long term clientele. Assisted by Selina Raven and JD of the Two Knotty Boys, the Dominatrix Training Advanced Intensive will also include updated information on Consent and Boundaries, Ethics, Marketing and Legalities.

Apply now to discuss!

The $1350 Tuition Fee Covers:

  • 3 full days of discussions, hands-on exercises and real time scenes
  • Group and one-on-one instruction from 4 lifestyle educators
  • Experienced versatile volunteer bottoms
  • Extensive professional BDSM resources
  • Q/A time for each subject area


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$100 off before July 31st!  Early Bird enrollment $1250 before July 31st!

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The Dominatrix Training: Advanced Course takes place at the SF CItadel September 13-15, 2019..


Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekend for Men: Tops & Switches

The Erotic Dominance Intensive weekend for Men Tops & Switches

We will announce soon when this Intensive will be held at the SFCitadel.  Private mentoring is available. Visit for details and contact information.

The line between erotic play and abuse is simple: consent.  Clear communication, honesty, trust. The loving Dominant values the informed consent of each play partner.  Eve Minax and I invite Men interested in exploring their erotic dominance to join us for this interactive Intensive.  Attend alone or bring your partner for a connected and an ultra-intimate experience.  

The Erotic Dominance Intensive for Men Tops and Switches starts at the Meet & Greet Friday evening, September 21 with a lively discussion of what it is to be an ethical Dominant.  Held at the SF Citadel, the layered exercises, seminars and hands on training bring out the authentic Dom within. Harness your beast into a loving Dominant.  All Erotic Dominance Intensive weekends end with a private guided play party with Eve and me for students, partners and volunteers Sunday at the SF Citadel! This workshop is limited to eight students.

Make your scenes hot, fun, daring, intense and memorable!

The Tuition of $1050 single, $1250 couple includes the following:

Friday evening “Meet and Greet” at a private SOMA location.

Group and one-on-one instruction.

Comprehensive workbook

Hands-on skills training in bondage, spanking, flogging and more!

Private guided play party with partners and volunteers.


Please visit our FAQ page. Or email

Ready to Take An Intensive?

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Pure Pleasure Shop: To the Edge and Back! Beyond Cosplay in the Erotic Hall of Mirrors

To the Edge and Back! Beyond Cosplay in the Erotic Hall of Mirrors!

Let’s play Masters and Servants! Or how about a Twisted Teacher or Mad Scientist?  Got an inner Queen, Bad Boy, French maid or Captive…you name it!

Find turn-on and fun in the fantasy that appeals to you. Then, let out your Inner Beast, Sadistic Seductress, Mommy Dearest, or whoever is within. Use your newfound skills and toys enrich your erotic exchanges.

“In my world of BDSM and Kink, roleplay is a scene, and like in any good scene, there is erotic improvisation that gives us permission to toy with power, our own dark and kinky desires with consent and often humor.

Join me and my two versatile switch bottoms, where we’ll take it to the edge and back of erotic role play: the foundation, the fun, the pitfalls, and those great ah-ha moments! It’s not what you do, it’s how, and more often than not, what comes out of it is a shared delight.”

-Cléo Dubois, In kink and leather pride, with heart

Everyone’s welcome!


Cleo Dubois is a BDSM Educator, ritualist and creator of the Academy of S/M Arts. A versatile S/M player, she came out in the San Francisco Leather Scene in the 80s. She made two popular docu-films, “The Pain Game” and “Tie Me Up.”  She offers, with Eve Minax, Erotic Dominance Intensives Weekends focused on connecting heat, heart and spirit in our consensual erotic power play. Helping newcomers embrace their kink, mentoring couples and offering private body rituals are her specialties. She believes in the magic of BDSM!  and

*Walk-in space subject to availability. Advance registration is recommended to guarantee your seat.

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Meet Me in Denver for Thunder in the Mountains 20th Anniversary!


Rituals of Authentic Power Play

It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes sparks fly! Feel your desire. Tune into your own intuition – who occupies your inner landscape? Who do you embody and how do you do that? Seductive, Predatorial, Sadistic? And who are you playing with? Slave, Pet, or Trickster?Think it doesn’t matter? How we connect our heat heart and spirit in BDSM play fuels our erotic energies to make our scenes soar! In this class, we’ll venture down the hall of mirrors; in our reflections are the many ways to be! Come ready for a little participation, a fiery demo and a bit of ritual!Step into a role your way and deepen your play relationships with presence and passion!Sex magicians, seducers, queens, kings, princesses, knights, sadists, sexy sluts, pain sluts, pets and more…all welcome!

Panel Discussion – Pioneers, Settlers and Descendants

Join community Elders Skip Chasey, Cleo Dubois, Mark Frazier, Lolita Wolf and Ms Cynthia, as we share our thoughts and feelings about our journey, why we come out long ago in BDSM, and where the larger community is heading.The times, they are a-changing. Again. We owe it to ourselves to look ahead with eyes wide open.

BDSM is my lifelong passion. A Dominant Woman who also enjoys bottoming, a community player and ritualist, I learned that consensual BDSM is a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy and sexual healing.

Out into SM in the early 80s, Leather Conferences and groups such as LIL, NLA, Outcasts, Janus, Exiles, and Thunder In The Mountains gave me a voice as an ethical kink presenter. In 1995 I founded the Academy of S/M Arts to pass on what I had experienced with such mentors as Cynthia Slater, Joseph Bean, Mark Thompson, and my life partner, Fakir.

My 2000 award-winning docufilm “The Pain Game,” noted for its authenticity in embodying the spirit of connected SM play has become a classic. Published in many non-fiction lifestyle books, I now blog at … In 2008 I became part of the Living Leather Heritage of the SWLC. In 2014 was inducted into the Society of Janus’ Hall of Fame. I received along with Race bannon the key to the Folsom Street Fair along with Race Bannon in 2015. For the last 15 years I have offered Erotic Dominance Intensives weekends for Tops and those who switch in San Francisco at the SF Citadel.

And I am honored and happy to return to Thunder for its 20th year! Learn more about me at and on Thank you!

Kinkfest 2017 Including a Special Event with Fakir!


Cleo Dubois

Want to make your scenes soar? Want to bring more passion to your play, topping or bottoming?

Does your energy fit your play persona? Just who are you in scene? And who are you playing with? And why? Tune into your archetypes and discover deeper and more intensely intimate connections.

Parity, desire, intuition, trust and skills It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it and why we do it.

Sex magicians, seducers, queens, kings, princesses, knights, sadists, sexy sluts, pain sluts, pets and more…all welcome!  Step into a role that is really You.

JoinCome ready for a little participation and a very hot demo followed by a Q & A!

Get details and register to join us here.

SPIRIT+FLESH: Workshop & Ritual Hook Pull 

Since the dawn of mankind, intense physical sensation has been used in rituals to induce “ecstatic states”. In these states, boundaries are expanded, consciousness is shifted, healing and personal transformations can occur. In this Spirit+Flesh workshop/ritual Fakir and Cleo take you on an exotic journey through the body rites of other cultures in a ritual that has been adapted to the needs and tastes of BDSM and fetish players. The memorable Spirit+Flesh experience includes: background information, preparatory exercises, shamanic piercing with hooks and a prolonged “energy pull”, a mini Sun Dance that can bring you a feeling of euphoria and transcendence. The ecstatic dance is propelled by dynamic live Taiko Master drumming. Fakir & Cleo have facilitated this workshop and ritual for many years, for BDSM players and kinksters worldwide — in the USA, Canada, England, Italy and elsewhere. Join this community event and experience the “high” for yourself.

Participation in the Dance is limited but witnesses are welcome to support the energy. Participants will be required to register in advance and sign a piercing release. All piercing will be done to the strict standards of Fakir Intensives piercing school and the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).
More details at:


Surrender 2016 – Rituals for Authentic Power Play…

d12486xRituals for Authentic Power Play…

We will circle together with the intention to connect our heat heart and spirit in our BDSM.  Venture outside your stereotypical roles of D/s with me to identify who occupies your inner landscape!  Who are you…and who are you playing with? It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!  

And why.

It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes sparks fly!  Feel your desire.  Tune into your own intuition and delve deeper into more intensely intimate relationships. Stroll down the hall of mirrors; in your reflections are the many ways to be!  Step into a role your way.  I’ll show you!  Come ready for a little participation too, followed by a fiery demo leading to ritual.

Sex magicians, seducers, queens, kings, princesses, knights, sadists, sexy sluts, pain sluts, pets and more…all welcome!

Join me at 2:30pm, Saturday, November 12 at Dark Odyssey in San Francisco – Surrender 2016 to register.

The Ritual of Fantasy Play @Kink.Com

The Ritual of Fantasy Play

Want to make your scenes soar?

Does your energy fit your play persona? Who are you in scene? Who are you playing with? And why? Tune into your archetypes and discover deeper and more intensely intimate connections.

Parity, desire, intuition, trust… It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it and why we do it!

Sex magicians, seducers, queens, kings, princesses, knights, sadists, sexy sluts, pain sluts, pets and more…all welcome!

Step into a role that is really YOU.

Come ready for a little participation and a very hot demo followed by a Q & A!

Click here for tickets!


see u next yr jok portrait few days agoAbout the presenter:

Creator of the Academy of SM Arts, Cleo Dubois is a seasoned BDSM lifestyle educator, initiatrix and consummate ritualist. She’s made two educational docu-films and has contributed to countless on line sites and BDSM books. She offers initiations, private play coaching for couples and newcomers to kink. See and Erotic Dominance Intensives. Her blog is


Love to have you join me at The Armory Thursday, June 9, 2016.  We’ll start at 7pm!  Cléo…


Please note: Armory Studios is not able to accommodate refunding or rescheduling of any workshops.

Have questions about The Ritual of Fantasy Play presented by Cleo Dubois?Contact Tours

The Ritual of Play with Dr. Martha Tara Lee

martha for may newsRecently, I did two podcasts on Skype, quite different from each other!

The Ritual of Play with Dr.Martha Tara Lee, young and daring sex educator broadcasting on OMRadio from Singapore, was fun! (Her OMRadio is not to be confused with the OM practice of the One Taste folks for whom I love to create rituals.)  

With Dr. Lee of Eros Evolution, I focused on newccomers to erotic power exchange and those seeking the link between sex and spirit. I shared a little history, some clarification of just what BDSM is and a lot of simple skills for people to try.  

Click here to listen:

Heat, Heart & Spirit: My Interview with Dr. Gloria Brame

Heat, Heart & Spirit: My Interview with Dr. Gloria Brame

My brave and magical friend, Cleo Dubois, asked if I’d be interested in talking to her about her Erotic Intensive Seminars, a radical educational initiative that she founded with another Leather legend, Sybil Holiday, over 15 years ago, to provide safe hands-on experiences, mentoring, kinship and support for deep explorations of the intersections between pain, spirit, energy, and BDSM.

I was VERY interested.  I’ve been documenting her life-story for over 2 decades,  first in the original volume of Different Loving and now in Different Loving Too, and hope one day she will write the complete story down in a memoir.  Wow, what a life of change and transformation she has lived!  Learning about the intensives, which I’ve never had the honor of attending, filled me in on another side of this extraordinary woman.

CLEO DUBOIS bio (via Different Loving Too)

BDSM mentor, educator, founder of the “Cléo Dubois Academy of SM Arts” and one of the most respected voices in the SM community on the intersections between dominance and spiritual energy.


GB: Your Erotic Intensive are legendary.  Can you tell me what inspired you to create them in the first place?

CD:  In the mid-eighties, I was invited to present at Living in Leather and the National Leather Association.  In the nineties, I  was a sought after speaker  at BDSM conferences as well as my local community venues, like Janus, Exiles, Differences, Odyssey, and Good Vibrations.  I realized that I wanted  to  offer more than 2 hour classes.  I wanted  to share my passion for what I call consensual connected erotic power exchanges with larger audiences too. I visualized a documentary film.   With the help of a talented camera crew  of kinksters, and two marvelous  hot subs I knew, it became a reality.  My film, The Pain Game screened  at the Frameline, San Francisco  LGBT film festival in 2001, in NYC’s first SM Film Festival  and many other venues in  the USA and abroad.  It even made it to  Paris, my home town.  I was blessed.

The positive responses to the film pushed me to be even more creative.  I next organized  an immersion weekend workshop, focusing on how to naturally connect heat, heart and spirit in play. I  approached my long time dear  friend Sybil Holiday ( co-author with Dr. William Henkin of Consensual Sadomasochism ) to help me  create that first Intensive workshop.

We developed a workbook and a curriculum.  Sybil and I were good  teaching partners. Our interests and skills were complementary and we were serious!  We accepted six students.  Eve Minax came from Chicago to take the course.  It was a great start!

Unfortunately, that was the last course Sybil taught due to personal health issues.   Eve Minax, who had been assisting us at every workshop over the years, was invited to fill in for Sybil.  Sybil  used to say, “Eve Minax is our brainchild.” Sure enough, she proved herself to be  a great collaborator.



Eve Minax (left), Cleo Dubois (right)


By 2004 we were offering  the first  Erotic Dominance intensives for Men.  That first morning,  when I arrived at the Citadel  the venue for our class,  the men were already there in a circle holding hands and getting acquainted.  I loved that!

GB:  Tell me a little about your students.  Are they pre-identified kinky people or spiritual travelers or both?  What do you think they seek from the experience?

CD:  We tend  to attract people who are seeking connection and intimacy in their kinky relationships. They are people who see the link  between sex and spirit.   They sense  that healing and empowerment can be found and cultivated in  erotic play.   Our  students do not only seek safe solid play skills, they also seek  confidence and acceptance of their own erotic turn ons.  That certainly has been my story!  I teach what I have learned.  With negotiation, trust, and informed consent in the rituals we play, I  have found a deeply loving  chosen family.

We offer  6 Intensives a year.  There are two for women who want to become professional Dominas,  two for Dominant Women and Women who switch, and two for Dominant Men and Men who Switch.  Many of us players find fulfillment on “both sides of the whip”!

Until a year ago we only enrolled Dominants and invited their partners to the meet and greet at the start of the course and the play party at the end.   Last year we decided to expand it to both partners.  It is interesting to note that student Tops prefer to play with and learn from our amazing volunteer bottoms  instead of their own partners.

We are truly blessed to have Community players who contribute their time, bottoming skills, and intelligent honest feedback to help guide our student Tops.   We could not teach our hands-on  courses without them.  Their honest sexiness and integrity delights not only me but all those who benefit from their service.


GB:  You will be conducting your upcoming  Men’s intensive on May 14-15, 2016 in partnership with SM educator, Eve Minax.  Can you explain what each of you bring, as teachers, to the sessions?  

CD:  Eve and I complement each other wonderfully.  Sybil  was right:   Eve quickly evolved into  an excellent teaching partner. She understands the importance of breath and clear focus. She  has practice in Tantra, enjoys a wide variety of BDSM play,  and remains the kinkiest woman I have ever known. Super smart too.


unnamed (2)


We call our course an Intensive because it it truly is encompassing. With the help of the workbook we give our students,  we keep it about being in the moment , with lots of hand-on and feedback.  We love to spark lively conversations and safely take people to their limits.

We take  a maximum of 8 students at a time.  We also have an equal number of volunteers as students who attend unpartnered.  We encourage the students to play with different volunteers  to expand their repertoire.  There are so many nuances in our non-vanilla eroticism!


GB: You have pioneered new pathways in radical sex for decades.  Can you speak to your evolution as a ritualist?  What drives Cleo to continually push to new psychospiritual heights?

CD:  My interest in ritual started with my own  initiations, first into BDSM and then into the link between  ritual and BDSM.  In the mid-80s to mid 90s, almost a whole generation of Leathermen, including many of my dear friends,  died of  AIDS.   My community then  centered around Janus. I attended all the classes and parties, official and private.

Fakir was a respected presenter there.    (ed. — Read about Cleo’s and Fakir’s personal journey over the past 23+ years in Different Loving Too).  His lectures and demos fascinated me.  One day, I asked him if he would initiate me in a body ritual — my  intent  was to help relieve my overwhelming grief at my friends’ deaths.  I was looking for  some healing during this darkest time.

We designed a  ceremony together in the country. He gave me many temporary piercings.



I  sobbed and danced  hard with the balls hooked to my skin that day.  It was powerful work.



Little by little, I cultivated an ability to tune in and conduct  rituals for groups of adults seeking empowerment  thru the timeless practices of body rituals celebrated in non Judeo-Christian cultures. I weave the threads of different rites and traditions into a practice which emphasizes that the body is a gateway to spirit.   Please note this is a spiritual practice not a religious one.   I now have the honor to bring some of that work to non kink identified folks during workshops I sometimes  lead for One Taste.

GB:  In addition to group teaching, you also do individual work.   What kind of people seek you out for private one-on-one and couples work

CD:  As the weight of shame and secrecy  is finally lifting in urban culture, through all the  diligent work of  so many leather folks,  including you Gloria, more adults are willing now to look at the desires, fantasies and activities they were programmed to think of as taboo.

A quick list of my  clients includes people in new relationships who are ready to come out to their partners  and wish to be accepted,  people who have met obstacles along their kinky road or have been shut down by partners and “want to do it right this time,” long-time married people who want to rekindle their eroticism, and sometimes just  individuals in search of private rituals for self-empowerment or letting go.

Recently a woman who had just  recently  her father trusted me to do a flogging and  piercing/ ritual with her.  It reminded me of my  ball dance 30 years ago with Fakir . It was an honor.


GGB:  What do you consider some of your greatest strengths as a teacher and leader?

CD:  I  am a good guide.   I teach communication skills, give  support  in coming out, help my clients dive into  their desires for dominance or surrender.   I know how to share the play skills 30 + years in the Scene gave me.  I love to create ritualized play that involves intense sensations –including flogging, play piercing or sensory deprivation/overload.  These intentional explorations give  all of us  profound insights about our shared humanity.

I value  their  “Aha!” moments when, in the middle of guided play, the Top realizes that s/he is enjoying themselves and that BDSM is not violence, not sick, but rather comes out of love.


unnamed (1)


It is a true honor to  be trusted to guide others  through these realms.  I help them find their limits, face their fears, and enjoy the kinky dimensions of their sexuality.   I can’t tell you how many times couples have arrived at my door, all nervous and unsure only to leave, three hours later, beaming and asking for hugs.

Find out how to register for the Erotic Intensives or to arrange private consultations with Cleo:  for information about the Intensives, plus articles and interviews for consultatons in office or via skype, and private explorations in her lovely little dungeon/temple for Cleo’s blog  “True stories of my 30 years in the scene

CANCELLED! Erotic Confidence for Women with Kinky Desires

CM&S3aErotic Confidence for Women with Kinky Desires presented by Cleo Dubois, Eve Minax and Selina Raven

at the Armory has been cancelled!  To Take An Intensive with Cléo, Eve and Selina, fill out the questionnaire on this site and talk to Cléo! Tours

Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

San Francisco, CA

 This holiday season gift your lover with fabulous erotic fantasies!

Use code: EroticGift for 25% off! (offer ends 12/24)

Watch a promo video HERE

Do you want more confidence with your lover(s)?

Would you like to be in control of your partner as your servant, pet, toy or sub?

Then join us for “Erotic Confidence for Women with Kinky Desires”! Led by 3 top trusted dominant women from The Cleo Dubois Academy, this workshop is about integrating refined techniques and skills with heart, spirit and erotic power. Our goal is to help women experience Kink and BDSM as a path of discovery, empowerment and deeper human emotional and sexual connection.

What to expect:

  • Discovering and stepping into your dominant persona.
  • Discussion: What is role play?
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Hands-On Practice which will include: collaring ritual, spanking/flogging, CBT & nipple play.
  • Service & etiquette.
  • Gain sexual knowledge.

*Couples Encouraged. If attending as a single please be open to working with a volunteer male bottom.

*Hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic beverage will be served.

About Cleo Dubois:

Lifestyle BDSM Educator, ritualist and creator of the Academy of S/M Arts,  versatile sadomasochist, she came out in the San Francisco Leather Scene in the early 80s.  A  trusted coach in the kinky arts, she sees consensual kink play as a valid path to self-discovery, empowerment, intimacy and healing. Her two popular docu-films, “The Pain Game” and “Tie Me Up” are  noted for their authenticity in embodying the spirit of connected BDSM play. “The Pain Game” received an award from the Society of Scientific Study of Sexuality. She is published in groundbreaking  “Different Loving” and  “Sacred Kink “and countless BDSM publications.

Her Academy of S/M Arts offers Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekends for Dominant folks and those who switch.  These hands- on workshops are in their 15th year. In 2014 she  was  inducted  in the Society of Janus Hall of Fame.  This year she received the “Key to Folsom street” Award  in recognition to her service in the leather community. She blogs “In Kink With Heart, true stories of her 30 years in the scene.”

Want to know more? Check out and

About Eve Minax:

Dubbed “The Approachable Pervert” by her peers, Kink Educator and Pleasure Artist Eve Minax demystifies BDSM by showing erotic explorers how to be more confident, compassionate, kick ass partners! Her practice is grounded in Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism/mindfulness, Guided Visualization, Non Violent Communication, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. A fifteen year veteran Domina and teacher, she also loves training Professionals how work less and make more without burnout. Minax adores self actualization through erotic growth, especially in regard to gender within a myriad of other passions. She has been happily working with the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM-Arts since 2002. SFSI, (San Francisco Sex Information), Certified and always learning, Minax can be found at or or or,, twitter, fetlife, and Facebook.

About Selina Raven:

Selina holds an Associate’s degree in Health Sciences from Meritt College. Her years of experience as a dance movement and yoga teacher, along with university level knowledge of anatomy and physiology, give her an informed perspective on teaching bio-mechanically safe ways to engage in SM play. Selina is a popular guest lecturer at UC Berkeley regularly invited to talk about BDSM as part of the Female Sexuality Program. She is also a featured presenter at Good Vibrations’ after hours programs.

Please note: Armory Studios is not able to accommodate refunding or rescheduling of any workshops.