Cleo32print_New_2OMxperience in San Francisco!

I am so honored to have been invited to present at this amazing conference.  Check out the awesome list of speakers.

OMX is a gathering of over 1,400 Orgasmic Meditation practitioners from all over the world. Even if you have never practiced Orgasmic Meditation, come soak up the energetic glow of Orgasm at OMX.

Hear from the Founders and Experts!

Have an unforgettable experience!

I’ll be “on” from 10-11PM Saturday night, March 29.

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Cléo and Tristan Taormino On The Radio!

Cléo and Tristan Taormino On The Radio!

Click here to listen to Cléo’s conversation with Tristan Taormino on!!

Friday, September 13…live on Cleo joined award winning author, speaker, sex educator and filmmaker Tristan Taormino and they explored the world of sexuality from every angle on her radio show Sex Out Loud™ on the Variety Channel of the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. Tristan’s interview with Cléo delves into the history and depth of BDSM play.  Tune in for a fascinating hour on a wide range of topics from the popular to the taboo, including erotic fantasies, compassionate sadism, healing in play and more.  Open your mind and expand your erotic horizons.

A listener wrote Tristan:

Cléo Dubois was hands down one of the most informative interviews I have listened to. Rarely have I ever heard someone speak with so much eloquence and simplicity on such a complex topic. It was fascinating from an historical perspective and incredibly helpful from a personal one too.