Pure Pleasure Shop: To the Edge and Back! Beyond Cosplay in the Erotic Hall of Mirrors

To the Edge and Back! Beyond Cosplay in the Erotic Hall of Mirrors!

Let’s play Masters and Servants! Or how about a Twisted Teacher or Mad Scientist?  Got an inner Queen, Bad Boy, French maid or Captive…you name it!

Find turn-on and fun in the fantasy that appeals to you. Then, let out your Inner Beast, Sadistic Seductress, Mommy Dearest, or whoever is within. Use your newfound skills and toys enrich your erotic exchanges.

“In my world of BDSM and Kink, roleplay is a scene, and like in any good scene, there is erotic improvisation that gives us permission to toy with power, our own dark and kinky desires with consent and often humor.

Join me and my two versatile switch bottoms, where we’ll take it to the edge and back of erotic role play: the foundation, the fun, the pitfalls, and those great ah-ha moments! It’s not what you do, it’s how, and more often than not, what comes out of it is a shared delight.”

-Cléo Dubois, In kink and leather pride, with heart

Everyone’s welcome!


Cleo Dubois is a BDSM Educator, ritualist and creator of the Academy of S/M Arts. A versatile S/M player, she came out in the San Francisco Leather Scene in the 80s. She made two popular docu-films, “The Pain Game” and “Tie Me Up.”  She offers, with Eve Minax, Erotic Dominance Intensives Weekends focused on connecting heat, heart and spirit in our consensual erotic power play. Helping newcomers embrace their kink, mentoring couples and offering private body rituals are her specialties. She believes in the magic of BDSM!  www.sm-arts.com  and www.cleodubois.com

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Meet Me in Denver for Thunder in the Mountains 20th Anniversary!


Rituals of Authentic Power Play

It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes sparks fly! Feel your desire. Tune into your own intuition – who occupies your inner landscape? Who do you embody and how do you do that? Seductive, Predatorial, Sadistic? And who are you playing with? Slave, Pet, or Trickster?Think it doesn’t matter? How we connect our heat heart and spirit in BDSM play fuels our erotic energies to make our scenes soar! In this class, we’ll venture down the hall of mirrors; in our reflections are the many ways to be! Come ready for a little participation, a fiery demo and a bit of ritual!Step into a role your way and deepen your play relationships with presence and passion!Sex magicians, seducers, queens, kings, princesses, knights, sadists, sexy sluts, pain sluts, pets and more…all welcome!

Panel Discussion – Pioneers, Settlers and Descendants

Join community Elders Skip Chasey, Cleo Dubois, Mark Frazier, Lolita Wolf and Ms Cynthia, as we share our thoughts and feelings about our journey, why we come out long ago in BDSM, and where the larger community is heading.The times, they are a-changing. Again. We owe it to ourselves to look ahead with eyes wide open.

BDSM is my lifelong passion. A Dominant Woman who also enjoys bottoming, a community player and ritualist, I learned that consensual BDSM is a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy and sexual healing.

Out into SM in the early 80s, Leather Conferences and groups such as LIL, NLA, Outcasts, Janus, Exiles, and Thunder In The Mountains gave me a voice as an ethical kink presenter. In 1995 I founded the Academy of S/M Arts to pass on what I had experienced with such mentors as Cynthia Slater, Joseph Bean, Mark Thompson, and my life partner, Fakir.

My 2000 award-winning docufilm “The Pain Game,” noted for its authenticity in embodying the spirit of connected SM play has become a classic. Published in many non-fiction lifestyle books, I now blog at www.cleodubois.wordpress.com … In 2008 I became part of the Living Leather Heritage of the SWLC. In 2014 was inducted into the Society of Janus’ Hall of Fame. I received along with Race bannon the key to the Folsom Street Fair along with Race Bannon in 2015. For the last 15 years I have offered Erotic Dominance Intensives weekends for Tops and those who switch in San Francisco at the SF Citadel.

And I am honored and happy to return to Thunder for its 20th year! Learn more about me at www.cleodubois.com and on www.sm-arts.com Thank you!

The Ritual of Play with Dr. Martha Tara Lee

martha for may newsRecently, I did two podcasts on Skype, quite different from each other!

The Ritual of Play with Dr.Martha Tara Lee, young and daring sex educator broadcasting on OMRadio from Singapore, was fun! (Her OMRadio is not to be confused with the OM practice of the One Taste folks for whom I love to create rituals.)  

With Dr. Lee of Eros Evolution, I focused on newccomers to erotic power exchange and those seeking the link between sex and spirit. I shared a little history, some clarification of just what BDSM is and a lot of simple skills for people to try.  

Click here to listen: http://omtimes.com/iom/2016/04/ritual-play-cleo-dubois/

With Lee Harrington on “Passion and Soul”

With Lee Harrington on “Passion and Soul”

Lee Harrington and I go waaaay back!  Speaking on his very popular Passion and Soul podcast was a big reconnecting for us.  I didn’t realize how personal we got on Skype, it was as if we both were in the same room, even though he was in Alaska and I was at home in California!!  It’s quite an intimate and somewhat private conversation.  Really.

Listen as trans-activist author and Kink Educator, Lee, and I talk about the nature of spirit and how it relates to our erotic archetypes and our mutual love of body rites.  I was honored to be part of his “Spirit of Desire: Personal Explorations into Sacred Kink” anthology.  His popular “Passion and Soul” Podcast is brought to you by the Erotic Awakening Network.

Click here for more, http://passionandsoul.com/audio/086-cleo


Kinky On The Coast!

unnamedCruise into Pure Pleasure, that awesome Shop in Santa Cruz and join me for

Kinky 101

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

7:00 – 9:30pm  

$25 single adv/$30 walk-in

Intrigued by the potential of adding hot kinky play to your lovemaking? As a Top, do you want to take a willing bottom to new heights of sensation and surrender…and take more sophisticated control over your partner? As a bottom, do you wish to experience familiar sensations in a new and more intense way and to expand your limits of trust? Let your erotic imagination run wild.  Cleo will teach you techniques that will unleash your kinky desires and help you act out your fantasies. Watch hot demos, improvised on the spot!  Cleo will show you how to create safe and consensual erotic power play and will guide you on the road to hotter connections and greater intimacy.  Singles and couples of all orientations welcome. Click here for tickets 

I am a BDSM/kink coach and community player. I’ve been teaching kinksters how to play well with others almost as long as I’ve been playing myself. I created the Academy of SM Arts to dispel the myths surrounding SM and Fetish, helping folks explore their erotic fantasies in a mutually satisfying way. Rooted in leather, my work focuses on connecting heat, heart and spirit.  I have been offering Erotic Dominance Weekend Intensives for 13 years.  This site, www.sm-arts.com, is for the details. For those who prefer private guided play in my peninsula dungeon or want a confidential consultation on skype visit www.cleodubois.com. I am very happy to be going back to Pure Pleasure!


50 Shades of Real BDSM Play @SFCitadel!

Cleo32print_New_250 Shades of Real BDSM Play! Presented by Cleo Dubois

Curious, confused, excited, ready to explore? Tuesday, April 28th, join me at the SF Citadel for answers to your questions and start to play!

In our fantasies lay the many shades of real BDSM that fuel our desires, whether for intense sensation, gender or age play, bondage, sexy embarrassment, on either sides of the power dynamic – Top, bottom or Switch. With open and clear communication, we can embody our dark erotic energies in ways that excite, satisfy, empower and even heal us.

I’ll bring toys, so expect a bit of participation, if you consent, of course. And a hot demo or two!

Class from 8-10pm, doors open at 7:30pm

Cost: $20 at the door, $15 in advance using PurplePass: www.purplepass.com/sfc04282015

About the presenter:

Tune in by joining Cleo Dubois where she holds her Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekends, the SF Citadel for this special two hour class geared towards Newbies!

Creator of the Academy of SM Arts, Cleo Dubois is a seasoned passionate BDSM lifestyle educator and consummate ritualist. She’s made two educational docu-films and has contributed to countless on line sites and BDSM books. Initiations, private coaching for couples and newcomers to the scene and guided play/mentoring, please visit www.cleodubois.com Details about the Erotic Dominance Intensives, evening classes, and other workshops can be found on www.sm-arts.com

Watch My Sensual Flogging Instructional Video at Kink_University

Watch My Sensual Flogging Instructional Video at Kink_University

Sensual Flogging with Cléo Dubois at Kink_University

Our bodies have a big capacity for pleasure from light touch to strong sensations, often mislabeled as pain. Skilled percussive play can create a wonderful energy exchange that will send you and your partner flying. With informed consent, focused intent and a few floggers and canes, you and your partner can go on a journey of shared energy from sweet to fiery. This Kink On Demand video class focuses on centering, breathing, body language, effective timing, and good technique to build that dance of energy exchange. Negotiate your limits, release your fears, and enjoy the ride! Watch my instructional video on flogging at Kink_University!

Deepening Your Erotic Dominance


Deepening Your Erotic Dominance: Advanced Intensive!

Focused on versatile and connected play, this Intensive is going to explore the psychoerotic intensity found in ritualistic leathersex.

Want more from your play than just top and bottom!

During 12 years of weekend Intensives, Eve Minax and I heard many requests for an advanced Erotic Dominance Intensive weekend. We are really excited about offering you a more sophisticated, empowering, hands- on weekend for BDSM and Kink couples.  Enrich your erotic connection, find your core, and go beyond your wildest dreams….aware, raw, real.


Email me at CleoDubois@sm-arts.com and let me know.  We only need 8 couples to hold this Intensive.  Eve Minax and I will schedule it as soon as there is enough interest!