The Erotic Dominance course for men is phenomenal. Mind-blowingly good. Whether you are looking for an introduction to SM, basic erotic play and sensuality, or the opportunity to improve one’s erotic understanding and learn from a team of highly experienced instructors, this is it. It’s unique in the world and an opportunity not to be missed. The course is very comprehensive. It sets out a framework for play, provides excellent theoretical readings and support, has numerous on hand and detailed exercises and modules to help refine skills, all while working with world leading experts. The quality of the instructors and guest presenter’s is off the charts. If you take this course you will be an infinitely better partner, and your erotic understanding and skills will quantumly improve. Don’t miss out!

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A ritualist, BDSM educator & kinky coach, I founded the Academy of SM Arts in 1995 to share with others what I had learned since beginning my journey into BDSM in the 80's - that negotiated sadomasochism is a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy and healing.
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