“As a lifelong sub only beginning to explore my dominant side, I was extremely nervous signing up for this course. When I arrived, I felt what can only be described as a sense of coming home. To be surrounded by such passionate, empathic, creative, like-minded women was truly inspiring. The curriculum invited us to look deep within ourselves, and with the support of Cleo, Eve and Selina, I was able to tap into parts of myself I did not know existed. I came home feeling excited, enriched, and eager to begin implementing everything I have learned”

MP 2016

Nel 2016

The weekend intensive was an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It’s one thing to be tolerated or accepted, and something entirely different to be encouraged and celebrated for being yourself even more. The setting felt both safe and challenging at the same time throughout the whole weekend. The segments invited to self reflection and bringing out the most of our own personalities, even when a specific skill was being taught. Cleo and Eve are amazing teachers, approaching everything with both gravity, dignity and a great sense of humor.

Zia Soleil

Cleo has much to teach, no matter how long or how successfully you have played. I highly recommend her Intensives for women of all levels of expertise as well as for those just beginning a journey of sexual empowerment. She is a highly accomplished workshop leader. I had a great time at her Intensive!


The Erotic Dominance course for men is phenomenal. Mind-blowingly good. Whether you are looking for an introduction to SM, basic erotic play and sensuality, or the opportunity to improve one’s erotic understanding and learn from a team of highly experienced instructors, this is it. It’s unique in the world and an opportunity not to be missed. The course is very comprehensive. It sets out a framework for play, provides excellent theoretical readings and support, has numerous on hand and detailed exercises and modules to help refine skills, all while working with world leading experts. The quality of the instructors and guest presenter’s is off the charts. If you take this course you will be an infinitely better partner, and your erotic understanding and skills will quantumly improve. Don’t miss out!

Mistress Rook

Everything from the cadence of the course, the spirituality of the presentation, and the content of the instruction; to the exquisite power and expert guidance of the instructors; the warm willingness and eager encouragement of the wonderful volunteers; to the camaraderie and kinship of my fellow students, whisked me from the precipice of indecision and inaction and firmly grounded me in the dominant, centered place that I find myself today.  The intensive was a life-changing experience for me.  I emerge transformed.”


Cleo, Eve, Selina and all the volunteers at the Academy of SM Arts provided an experience that I will never forget.  It was an extremely powerful weekend—one that opened my heart, mind and spirit to what BDSM is about; and provided me an opportunity to explore new and exciting kinky pleasure.  The passion and energy that was created over the weekend was so intense, I left on an amazing high.  I felt almost invincible—confident, inspired and motivated to explore my desires and be my Dominant self.

Mistress Beretta


You have created a safe, professional, and sacred space for us to learn, and that was so crucial to me.  One of the greatest things I learned  was the discipline of creating the space, tuning into the energies, and bringing the spirit to life in my SM practice instead of just focusing on the body.

Lady Seshat

I have taken both these courses (women’s and the one for Professional Dominants), and found them to be immeasurably beneficial in many ways… for the exposure to beautiful Domme role modeling to a wealth of technical material and lifetimes of distilled observation of the Domme/sub dynamic, by the opportunity to step out of comfortable play modalities and try radical new forms of play while receiving expert coaching, and by the experience of playing with truly “world class” subs (both male and female)… The entire course was a privilege and an honor to attend.

Ms Keisha

I have been in the adult movie business for 20 years and I have been asked to play a dominatrix many times. However, I always felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have any confidence in my dominant persona. This class was exactly what I needed.The volunteer submissives were wonderful. I learned so much from their feedback. The teachers depth of knowledge was profound. I feel like I have lots of secret weapons in my arsenal and it makes me feel so powerful. I feel even more confident as a woman in my everyday life.