Men’s Testimonials

A Dominant takes a quiet moment with his real life partner during a men's intensive

The Erotic Dominance course for men is phenomenal. Mind-blowingly good. Whether you are looking for an introduction to SM, basic erotic play and sensuality, or the opportunity to improve one’s erotic understanding and learn from a team of highly experienced instructors, this is it. It’s unique in the world and an opportunity not to be missed. The course is very comprehensive. It sets out a framework for play, provides excellent theoretical readings and support, has numerous on hand and detailed exercises and modules to help refine skills, all while working with world leading experts. The quality of the instructors and guest presenter’s is off the charts. If you take this course you will be an infinitely better partner, and your erotic understanding and skills will quantumly improve. Don’t miss out!


A fantastic experience that connected me with my dominant heart in a powerful but loving way. The volunteer bottoms were great to work with and the exercises and demonstrations were both hot and informative. I recommend it to every man.

StevePalo Alto, CA

The intensive far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for giving me the key to unlock the vaults of my own mind and just like night fades into day, my life has transitioned onto a more fulfilling path through your teachings. I learned that being a good dominant is not only about control. It is also about caring and understanding and satisfying your partner’s emotional and physical needs. The intimacy that I now experience with my wife is magical.


It was the most multi-dimensional educational experience I ever had: From sexuality. spirituality, connecting with others, communication, respect, building trust, to a multitude of BDSM techniques, hot play and more, all of it mixed with lots of fun.


What a powerful experience this was for me! I found it healing for my spirit as well as liberating for the predator within. I’m starting to make the transition from ‘service top’ to making sure that I get what I want out of a scene – while still honoring my healer/guide/trickster archetype.

Chris KSan Francisco

I took your course 4 years ago, and it was most helpful. Since then, I applied your concepts in several other D/s-themed relationships, and the results have been most positive. Three of the ladies moved to Reno to be with me, and I’m still close with two of them. One is my live-in sub-and-girlfriend and it’s a very positive situation. Certainly what you taught me was most helpful, and I thank you for that. With fond respect.

AndreReno, NV

When I first encountered BDSM, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I’ve learned that it’s the ultimate form of improv. It creates scenes that force you to look deep within yourself to find truths and characters that your conscious mind buried. This intensive provide tools for seeing, freeing, and managing those characters.

BruceSan Francisco, CA

An intense experience, and very valuable in my own life. On this subject, nothing can substitute for actual practice and the Intensive did provide a lot of it.

RaSan Francisco

I acquired a much richer understanding of my dominant self and gained many great ideas and insight into technical competencies. I also found the Academy submissives’ insights extremely useful.


Cleo meant it when she calls her workshop Intensive. It was quite an overwhelming experience that kept my mind busy for days after it was over. If you want to learn more than just ‘technical’ skills this class is for you.