Men’s Testimonials

A Dominant takes a quiet moment with his real life partner during a men's intensive

Participating in the Erotic Dominance workshop for men was certainly one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The combined energy of my fellow participants and that of you and your staff and volunteers was incredible. I found the way you combined aspects of tantra and spirituality with the various techniques of BDSM practice empowering. How I approach my play and my partner has moved to a new level. Thank you for opening the door and showing me how to move through, slowly and with heart.

RichardSan Francisco

Cleo and her staff complemented each other seamlessly. The unique learning opportunities provided by this workshop are worth significantly more than the money it costs. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to bring his SM play to a new level.


I had always identified as ‘kinky’, but couldn’t get past simply ‘playing a role’ when it came to DS. While I had always considered kink to be part of me, I had not considered it to be part of my spirit. Those two came together for me as one at your Men’s Intensive. I had a few years as a bottom, recent development as a Top, was somewhat knowledgeable and skilled in SM practices, and was known in the community, but admittedly had little understanding of DS as it related to me. What changed my life was attending The Men’s Intensive weekend.

KevVictoria, British Columbia

I loved this class. I wanted to go back on Monday and keep going! It allowed me to take another step into my power using tools I wouldn’t have used on my own. The variety of topics allowed focus on different play methods while maintaining the overall theme of dominance and relationship. I loved the feedback and chances to explore without pressure. I experienced a lot of passion and heart, directed at providing us what we needed.

BobSan Francisco

I have Dominated mostly from a place of the ‘Master/trainer’ because that is what I thought I should be. However through your influence I now started to accept that my truest archetype is the ‘Predator/animal’. It has been a truly liberating experience. I feel a new freedom to express myself sexually, where previously I somewhat resisted that, because of negative images about it. My partner is ecstatic about my new found clarity in my identity and our sexual play has been charged with a new electricity and passion.


I want to thank you for the wisdom you shared with us during the intensive. I was seeking a clearer understanding of the psychological aspects of D/s, and a deeper spiritual connection to BDSM. I found both in great measure, and I am very grateful. My relationship… is improving rapidly as a result of what I learned. I hope to take further courses from you in the future.

EricSan Francisco

Through the weekend the other guys and I learned techniques, attitudes, motivations. We practiced most everything we learned with an amazing group of volunteers. Cleo, Eve, and Selina couldn’t have organized and taught a better class. The time went quickly and by the end I had changed. If you’re wondering about BDSM, Dom/sub, “the kink scene” or just pushing your own envelope of eroticism, I can’t recommend this weekend highly enough.

DaveSan Francisco 2007

Thank you for your open and understanding hearts through this great weekend experience. I was able to fulfill all my goals within the context of this course. I find your perspectives to be great touchstones to my own sense of myself and who I am within the BDSM community at large.

DavidSan Francisco

An indescribably powerful experience. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to touch the real magic of BDSM.

LesMaui, HI

A fantastic experience that connected me with my dominant heart in a powerful but loving way. The volunteer bottoms were great to work with and the exercises and demonstrations were both hot and informative. I recommend it to every man.

StevePalo Alto, CA