Women Players Say…

Cleo demonstrates how to properly bind a bottom's hands during a women's intensive

Cleo has much to teach, no matter how long or how successfully you have played. I highly recommend her Intensives for women of all levels of expertise as well as for those just beginning a journey of sexual empowerment. She is a highly accomplished workshop leader. I had a great time at her Intensive!

Zia Soleil

Everything from the cadence of the course, the spirituality of the presentation, and the content of the instruction; to the exquisite power and expert guidance of the instructors; the warm willingness and eager encouragement of the wonderful volunteers; to the camaraderie and kinship of my fellow students, whisked me from the precipice of indecision and inaction and firmly grounded me in the dominant, centered place that I find myself today.  The intensive was a life-changing experience for me.  I emerge transformed.”

Mistress Rookaka SaraMara

Cleo, Eve, Selina and all the volunteers at the Academy of SM Arts provided an experience that I will never forget.  It was an extremely powerful weekend—one that opened my heart, mind and spirit to what BDSM is about; and provided me an opportunity to explore new and exciting kinky pleasure.  The passion and energy that was created over the weekend was so intense, I left on an amazing high.  I felt almost invincible—confident, inspired and motivated to explore my desires and be my Dominant self.

Lorraine, Boston

Thank you from the bottom of my not yet bought stilettos for one of the most wonderful weekends of my life! I came home, humiliated, CBT’d, spanked red and ass fucked my anticipating friend (we’ve been looking for years for a way to work out our issues…BINGO!), and feel like a whole new world has opened up to me. Let healing begin!! I was afraid I would not be able to maintain a dominant attitude, but I am finding it quite natural.


I learn best experientially so the hands on was great and then I could go back and read it in the workbook to reinforce what I learned. I came away with an internalized, structured body of knowledge that now I can expand. The intensive was exactly what I wanted and needed. Two excellent experienced passionate teachers and lots of very helpful volunteers made it a very rich and unforgettable experience. The consistent focus on physical and emotional safety throughout the weekend was very comforting and empowering.

BettyOakland, CA

I approach the two year anniversary of my intensive and I laughingly tell people (those who would understand) that every woman should attend your intensive for her 50th birthday. So many doors opened for me and my partner . That learning also translated for me in the world outside our bedroom. I have more confidence and can relate to people more from a grounded center when I am in my Dominant self. The sexual context is so rewarding that the learning spread to parts of myself previously untouched. I love my Domme energy. Thank you for such a powerful weekend.

MargaretSan Francisco

The course gave me more than I had anticipated or hoped for, and I had hoped for a lot. It grounded me in my power and presence, and gave me confidence as a dominant woman. Cléo, Minax and Selina are expert teachers and guides, powerful, extraordinarily knowledgeable, compassionate, passionate, playful and funny. As a queer woman, I also appreciated the course’s inclusiveness and the gender range of the volunteer bottoms, who were wonderful, and very patient with my beginner status.

MichailaAlameda CA

The workshop I took with you and Eve Minax in 2005 was a paradigm shifting experience for me, and helped build an inner confidence that has served me well through some hardship and helped me to build a more authentic life. Thank you with all of my heart. Maidenearth, Chicago


I have to laugh at how far we’ve come in the six months or so since we took the April Intensive. I used to be hesitant to send my dominant energy into the world because I wasn’t sure how this piece of equipment or that piece of equipment worked. Ha! I still might not know all of those details, but I understand now that it’s energy that makes the difference in play. And what a difference it has made! What you, Minax and Selina gave us is a gift that I appreciate every time I scene — and in fact, very often in other parts of my life as well.