Watch My Sensual Flogging Instructional Video at Kink_University

Watch My Sensual Flogging Instructional Video at Kink_University

Sensual Flogging with Cléo Dubois at Kink_University

Our bodies have a big capacity for pleasure from light touch to strong sensations, often mislabeled as pain. Skilled percussive play can create a wonderful energy exchange that will send you and your partner flying. With informed consent, focused intent and a few floggers and canes, you and your partner can go on a journey of shared energy from sweet to fiery. This Kink On Demand video class focuses on centering, breathing, body language, effective timing, and good technique to build that dance of energy exchange. Negotiate your limits, release your fears, and enjoy the ride! Watch my instructional video on flogging at Kink_University!

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A ritualist, BDSM educator & kinky coach, I founded the Academy of SM Arts in 1995 to share with others what I had learned since beginning my journey into BDSM in the 80's - that negotiated sadomasochism is a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy and healing.

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