Deepening Your Erotic Dominance


Deepening Your Erotic Dominance Weekend Intensive

The first was fabulous with the mix of male and female Dominants energizing the ritual of play with great passion!  While our idea was to make this only for people who have already taken an Erotic Dominance Intensive, as long as you are experienced players, we welcome you to join our next advanced course “Deepening Your Erotic Dominance.”

Now for partners only, this Intensive involves all of us in both the seminars and practice play.  Our weekend together will be an intimate workshop filled with hands-on exercises and real-time scenes, including process and ritual, sharing time between elements.

Who is this Intensive for?

Dominant Men, Dominant Women, those who Switch and your partners, we encourage you join us for this powerful weekend exploring our erotic energy.  If you are experienced players, (even if you have not attended an Erotic Dominance Intensive), this workshop is for you!  Limited to 8 couples.

Our Goals and Intentions

Each segment of hands-on skills time for pure practice as well as for scene development will be preceded and followed by intimate dialogue including us all.  From our opening circle ritual Saturday morning at 11am, we are going to dive deeply into the sensuous erotic pool.  We will uncover new ways to raise that delicious energy that adds depth to our lives!

Topics Include:

    • In depth look at who we are and what we want: archetypes, presence, connection

    • Hands-on skills practice and as scene development

    • Seduction, devotion, service

    • Ways to deepen trust and surrender

    • Advanced skills and ritual

    • Making it work for both of you

  • Edge play to take you primal

Tuition: What it Costs

$1500 per couple.


Please email so she can determine the next best possible date for this Advanced Intensive: Deepening Your Erotic Dominance.


Visit our FAQ page. Or call Cléo at 650.322.0124.