Gifting Play by Appointment

P1090084_2Private Guided Play in Cléo’s Dungeon

Celebrating milestones in your erotic life make excellent gifts anytime!  From kinky birthdays to private body rites, Cléo invites you and your partner(s) to experience BDSM play fine-tuned to your needs and desires.

Newcomers to kink:

Explore your fantasies in a safe consensual environment that empowers you with clear communications and solid play skills.  Get what you need!

IMAG1097Already in the Scene:  

Step deeper into your Dominant or submissive persona and learn the dance of energies that suit your desires in a fully developed scene.

Gain trust, confidence and broaden your connection.

Ritual Play:

From play piercing to sensory deprivation, body rites focusing on your inner journey are Ms. Dubois’ passions!

Contact Cléo personally for more information.

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3 hours recommended!  

All genders and sexual persuasions welcome.

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Guided Play & Rituals take place in Cleo Dubois’ private San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula dungeon.

Click here for details & to make an appointment 

or call Cléo at (650) 322 0124.