Dominatrix Training: The Advanced Course!

This first Advanced Intensive is currently full!

Thank you!  There is a wait list. Please fill out an application questionnaire and Head Administrator Eve Minax will be in touch with you.

Deepen your understanding of fetishes and appreciation of kink, including your own!  

This powerful and intimate three day workshop is for women with experience in Professional Domination who want to increase their knowledge, skills, and expressions of their own ethical style as professional Dominas.

Who Is It For?

Geared toward graduates of our Intensives, Cléo Dubois and Eve MInax invite those of you who wish to advance your BDSM skills, psychology and understanding of the sacred trust each Dominatrix has with her clients to this very first Advanced Intensive at the SF Citadel September 13-15, 2019.

Our Intensives are designed with your needs in mind, so we may add more or omit any of the following.

Subjects Covered:

Physical skills including

  • Flogging for trance and catharsis, florentine and single tails
  • E-stim
  • Bondage with JD from Two Knotty Boys
  • Piercing for ritual and sensation play
  • Mummification for Transformation

Psychological Skills including

  • Mindfuckery/Kidnapping and Interrogation
  • Specialized Fetishes and how to handle them
  • How to really know what your client is about and could progress to
  • Tease and Denial to Full On Chastity Training
  • Expanding limits: yours and your clients


  • Designing and developing a powerful ritual

Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax emphasize connection, energy and how not to burn out as well as creating/ maintaining long term clientele. Assisted by Selina Raven and JD of the Two Knotty Boys, the Dominatrix Training Advanced Intensive will also include updated information on Consent and Boundaries, Ethics, Marketing and Legalities.

Apply now to discuss!

The $1350 Tuition Fee Covers:

  • 3 full days of discussions, hands-on exercises and real time scenes
  • Group and one-on-one instruction from 4 lifestyle educators
  • Experienced versatile volunteer bottoms
  • Extensive professional BDSM resources
  • Q/A time for each subject area


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$100 off before July 31st!  Early Bird enrollment $1250 before July 31st!

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The Dominatrix Training: Advanced Course takes place at the SF CItadel September 13-15, 2019..


Erotic Switching Intensive for Private Players

New Course from Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax: Erotic Switching Intensive for Private Players has been postponed to 2020!  Sign up for Cléo’s Newsletter for up to date information!  

Really curious about finding authenticity in your BDSM Play?  Maybe it’s time to try a new position! Join Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax for the First and Only Erotic Switching Intensive for private players ever!  We will welcome up to 16 people to join us for 2 days of sharing hands-on the physical skills, psychology, and eroticism on both sides of the whip! Or rope!  

Who this course is for:

Been Topping and want to bottom?  Always bottomed but want to take charge for a change? This is your opportunity to challenge yourself and see what new archetypal energies come into play!

No need to self identify as gender queer or switch, just bring an open mind and desire to learn and grow!


Visit our FAQ page. Or email or call Minax at 415 994 2887!

Ready to Apply?

This first ever Erotic Switching Intensive will be held July 13-14 at the SF Citadel. Meet & Greet Friday, July 12 at a private SOMA location. Click here to apply!

Meet Me in Denver for Thunder in the Mountains 20th Anniversary!


Rituals of Authentic Power Play

It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes sparks fly! Feel your desire. Tune into your own intuition – who occupies your inner landscape? Who do you embody and how do you do that? Seductive, Predatorial, Sadistic? And who are you playing with? Slave, Pet, or Trickster?Think it doesn’t matter? How we connect our heat heart and spirit in BDSM play fuels our erotic energies to make our scenes soar! In this class, we’ll venture down the hall of mirrors; in our reflections are the many ways to be! Come ready for a little participation, a fiery demo and a bit of ritual!Step into a role your way and deepen your play relationships with presence and passion!Sex magicians, seducers, queens, kings, princesses, knights, sadists, sexy sluts, pain sluts, pets and more…all welcome!

Panel Discussion – Pioneers, Settlers and Descendants

Join community Elders Skip Chasey, Cleo Dubois, Mark Frazier, Lolita Wolf and Ms Cynthia, as we share our thoughts and feelings about our journey, why we come out long ago in BDSM, and where the larger community is heading.The times, they are a-changing. Again. We owe it to ourselves to look ahead with eyes wide open.

BDSM is my lifelong passion. A Dominant Woman who also enjoys bottoming, a community player and ritualist, I learned that consensual BDSM is a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy and sexual healing.

Out into SM in the early 80s, Leather Conferences and groups such as LIL, NLA, Outcasts, Janus, Exiles, and Thunder In The Mountains gave me a voice as an ethical kink presenter. In 1995 I founded the Academy of S/M Arts to pass on what I had experienced with such mentors as Cynthia Slater, Joseph Bean, Mark Thompson, and my life partner, Fakir.

My 2000 award-winning docufilm “The Pain Game,” noted for its authenticity in embodying the spirit of connected SM play has become a classic. Published in many non-fiction lifestyle books, I now blog at … In 2008 I became part of the Living Leather Heritage of the SWLC. In 2014 was inducted into the Society of Janus’ Hall of Fame. I received along with Race bannon the key to the Folsom Street Fair along with Race Bannon in 2015. For the last 15 years I have offered Erotic Dominance Intensives weekends for Tops and those who switch in San Francisco at the SF Citadel.

And I am honored and happy to return to Thunder for its 20th year! Learn more about me at and on Thank you!

Kink in the Country!

cleo NOWBoundless 2016

I will be one of the presenters at Kink in the Country at the second year of Boundless!  Please join me in community for a weekend of relaxation and play September 30-October 2,

Check out the entire line up in the full Boundless 2016 Agenda and get tickets at…/

They are extending a special discount for my friends.  Get 10% off tickets when using the code “CleoFriends”   

Have questions or want to connect with other attendees? Check out the Boundless Fetlife Group.
Boundless 2016 will be held at Saratoga Springs the weekend after Folsom Street Fair

Percussion Play: Flogging and Caning with Madame Cléo Dubois

photoOur bodies have a big capacity for pleasure from light touch to strong sensations, often mislabeled as pain. Skilled percussive play can create a wonderful energy exchange that will send you and your partner flying. With informed consent, focused intent and a few floggers and canes, Cleo and her assistant will guide attendees on a journey of shared energy from sweet to fiery. This class will focus on centering, breathing, body language, effective timing, and good technique to build that dance of energy exchange. Discover your limits, release your fears, and enjoy the ride with your partner! Floggers and canes will be provided by Ms. Dubois. Curious sensualists and those ready to venture on the path of safe, caring BDSM are welcome. Limits will be respected. You will be required to remove your shirt.

Tickets: $30/$50 Couples

RSVP online: 

or at

Watch My Sensual Flogging Instructional Video at Kink_University

Watch My Sensual Flogging Instructional Video at Kink_University

Sensual Flogging with Cléo Dubois at Kink_University

Our bodies have a big capacity for pleasure from light touch to strong sensations, often mislabeled as pain. Skilled percussive play can create a wonderful energy exchange that will send you and your partner flying. With informed consent, focused intent and a few floggers and canes, you and your partner can go on a journey of shared energy from sweet to fiery. This Kink On Demand video class focuses on centering, breathing, body language, effective timing, and good technique to build that dance of energy exchange. Negotiate your limits, release your fears, and enjoy the ride! Watch my instructional video on flogging at Kink_University!

Deepening Your Erotic Dominance


Deepening Your Erotic Dominance: Advanced Intensive!

Focused on versatile and connected play, this Intensive is going to explore the psychoerotic intensity found in ritualistic leathersex.

Want more from your play than just top and bottom!

During 12 years of weekend Intensives, Eve Minax and I heard many requests for an advanced Erotic Dominance Intensive weekend. We are really excited about offering you a more sophisticated, empowering, hands- on weekend for BDSM and Kink couples.  Enrich your erotic connection, find your core, and go beyond your wildest dreams….aware, raw, real.


Email me at and let me know.  We only need 8 couples to hold this Intensive.  Eve Minax and I will schedule it as soon as there is enough interest!

Kiss of Leather, Tongues of Fire: the Richer Territories of BDSM

Kiss of Leather, Tongues of Fire: the Richer Territories of BDSM

In my first video, “The Pain Game” the connection between Creed (my beautiful masochist) and me allowed both of us to fly in shamanic S/M play.

This article is excerpted from a longer interview that was originally published on in 2004.  In it, I  address some of those richer, darker and more transcendent territories to which our BDSM journeys can us. Topics include the dance of flogging, achieving good bondage play, what to do when a scene stops working, how to safely push personal boundaries, claiming your power, and the role of ritual and spiritual power in BDSM.


AFF: People just beginning their explorations of BDSM may not be aware of the many flavors it can have — for example, erotic, spiritual, BDSM for personal growth, BDSM as art, and so forth. How do all these aspects of BDSM fit into your own approach to play?

DUBOIS: For me, BDSM is about hot erotic explorations, personal growth, healing, connecting with others, and spirituality. We need big pleasure that connects us to ourselves and to the Divine. That pleasure (or should I call it pain/pleasure/surrender) I have found in the erotic rituals we call S/M. Doing a scene with trust and mutual respect can not only increase intimacy with our partner(s).  It also opens the door to our inner spaces and allows our spirits to soar.

AFF: What are some things that people may not be aware of when it comes to learning one’s own or a partner’s boundaries?

DUBOIS: A good thing to keep in mind is to go slowly.  People are not aware that boundaries can come up very unexpectedly and be triggered by multiple missteps: the wrong tone of voice, wrapping the whip and not being aware of it, bad timing on the part of the Dominant, fear of hurting your partner, fear of not pleasing your partner and many more. It is always important to keep in mind that it is the submissive who enables the power exchange. A satisfying, sexy balance needs to be found to make it work for both partners.

AFF: Is it possible that a sub goes along with something, not really aware of their personal boundaries, only to have after-shocks?

DUBOIS: Of course it’s possible. Any scene could go wrong or need to be cut short. We are playing with sex and power. Even a Top can hit one of His/Her limits and push themselves beyond it, only to regret it later. Play involving embarrassment and slapping, for instance, can bring up bad memories and by surprise, take the players out of the erotic realm.

With open and honest communication, people can face difficult repercussions with a loving and caring attitude. Guilt and resentment, that’s what gets in the way of healing, and keeps us from being as adventurous as we might otherwise want to be. Leave your partner wanting more rather than taking them to an edge too fast. Again go slowly.

AFF: Can you keep your play purely recreational so that issues like these do not come up?

DUBOIS: If by “purely recreational” you mean only light and fun play, then you must try to negotiate only light and fun things to do and keep your play to only those activities. A couple of examples are a simple role reversal scene where the woman is the leader in sex play and says, “Do this; now, do that,” and the man asks, “Please tie me up, Honey and do sexy things to me.”

These “purely recreational” scenes can awaken deeper, hotter desires in both participants. And then you cross over into the world of ritual intensity and real power exchange where buttons can easily get pushed. This is not “kindergarten” sex. This is sophisticated sex/power play.

The secret of successful kinky play is open and honest communication. It is difficult for many of us to communicate our erotic needs. If issues should arise between two consenting partners, do not blame the other for the scene not working. Stop and take a break. It is extremely important to just listen to each other rather than pointing the finger for either pushing too hard, being insensitive, not reading your body language right, not playing the game right, etc. After all, we’re not mind readers. Taking risks is part of play.

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