Dominatrix Training: The Advanced Course!

This first Advanced Intensive is currently full!

Thank you!  There is a wait list. Please fill out an application questionnaire and Head Administrator Eve Minax will be in touch with you.

Deepen your understanding of fetishes and appreciation of kink, including your own!  

This powerful and intimate three day workshop is for women with experience in Professional Domination who want to increase their knowledge, skills, and expressions of their own ethical style as professional Dominas.

Who Is It For?

Geared toward graduates of our Intensives, Cléo Dubois and Eve MInax invite those of you who wish to advance your BDSM skills, psychology and understanding of the sacred trust each Dominatrix has with her clients to this very first Advanced Intensive at the SF Citadel September 13-15, 2019.

Our Intensives are designed with your needs in mind, so we may add more or omit any of the following.

Subjects Covered:

Physical skills including

  • Flogging for trance and catharsis, florentine and single tails
  • E-stim
  • Bondage with JD from Two Knotty Boys
  • Piercing for ritual and sensation play
  • Mummification for Transformation

Psychological Skills including

  • Mindfuckery/Kidnapping and Interrogation
  • Specialized Fetishes and how to handle them
  • How to really know what your client is about and could progress to
  • Tease and Denial to Full On Chastity Training
  • Expanding limits: yours and your clients


  • Designing and developing a powerful ritual

Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax emphasize connection, energy and how not to burn out as well as creating/ maintaining long term clientele. Assisted by Selina Raven and JD of the Two Knotty Boys, the Dominatrix Training Advanced Intensive will also include updated information on Consent and Boundaries, Ethics, Marketing and Legalities.

Apply now to discuss!

The $1350 Tuition Fee Covers:

  • 3 full days of discussions, hands-on exercises and real time scenes
  • Group and one-on-one instruction from 4 lifestyle educators
  • Experienced versatile volunteer bottoms
  • Extensive professional BDSM resources
  • Q/A time for each subject area


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$100 off before July 31st!  Early Bird enrollment $1250 before July 31st!

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The Dominatrix Training: Advanced Course takes place at the SF CItadel September 13-15, 2019..


Erotic Switching Intensive for Private Players

New Course from Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax: Erotic Switching Intensive for Private Players has been postponed to 2020!  Sign up for Cléo’s Newsletter for up to date information!  

Really curious about finding authenticity in your BDSM Play?  Maybe it’s time to try a new position! Join Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax for the First and Only Erotic Switching Intensive for private players ever!  We will welcome up to 16 people to join us for 2 days of sharing hands-on the physical skills, psychology, and eroticism on both sides of the whip! Or rope!  

Who this course is for:

Been Topping and want to bottom?  Always bottomed but want to take charge for a change? This is your opportunity to challenge yourself and see what new archetypal energies come into play!

No need to self identify as gender queer or switch, just bring an open mind and desire to learn and grow!


Visit our FAQ page. Or email or call Minax at 415 994 2887!

Ready to Apply?

This first ever Erotic Switching Intensive will be held July 13-14 at the SF Citadel. Meet & Greet Friday, July 12 at a private SOMA location. Click here to apply!

Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekend for Men: Tops & Switches

The Erotic Dominance Intensive weekend for Men Tops & Switches

We will announce soon when this Intensive will be held at the SFCitadel.  Private mentoring is available. Visit for details and contact information.

The line between erotic play and abuse is simple: consent.  Clear communication, honesty, trust. The loving Dominant values the informed consent of each play partner.  Eve Minax and I invite Men interested in exploring their erotic dominance to join us for this interactive Intensive.  Attend alone or bring your partner for a connected and an ultra-intimate experience.  

The Erotic Dominance Intensive for Men Tops and Switches starts at the Meet & Greet Friday evening, September 21 with a lively discussion of what it is to be an ethical Dominant.  Held at the SF Citadel, the layered exercises, seminars and hands on training bring out the authentic Dom within. Harness your beast into a loving Dominant.  All Erotic Dominance Intensive weekends end with a private guided play party with Eve and me for students, partners and volunteers Sunday at the SF Citadel! This workshop is limited to eight students.

Make your scenes hot, fun, daring, intense and memorable!

The Tuition of $1050 single, $1250 couple includes the following:

Friday evening “Meet and Greet” at a private SOMA location.

Group and one-on-one instruction.

Comprehensive workbook

Hands-on skills training in bondage, spanking, flogging and more!

Private guided play party with partners and volunteers.


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Kinky On The Coast!

unnamedCruise into Pure Pleasure, that awesome Shop in Santa Cruz and join me for

Kinky 101

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

7:00 – 9:30pm  

$25 single adv/$30 walk-in

Intrigued by the potential of adding hot kinky play to your lovemaking? As a Top, do you want to take a willing bottom to new heights of sensation and surrender…and take more sophisticated control over your partner? As a bottom, do you wish to experience familiar sensations in a new and more intense way and to expand your limits of trust? Let your erotic imagination run wild.  Cleo will teach you techniques that will unleash your kinky desires and help you act out your fantasies. Watch hot demos, improvised on the spot!  Cleo will show you how to create safe and consensual erotic power play and will guide you on the road to hotter connections and greater intimacy.  Singles and couples of all orientations welcome. Click here for tickets 

I am a BDSM/kink coach and community player. I’ve been teaching kinksters how to play well with others almost as long as I’ve been playing myself. I created the Academy of SM Arts to dispel the myths surrounding SM and Fetish, helping folks explore their erotic fantasies in a mutually satisfying way. Rooted in leather, my work focuses on connecting heat, heart and spirit.  I have been offering Erotic Dominance Weekend Intensives for 13 years.  This site,, is for the details. For those who prefer private guided play in my peninsula dungeon or want a confidential consultation on skype visit I am very happy to be going back to Pure Pleasure!


Erotic Dominance Weekend Intensive for Women 45+

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Over 45 and feeling passionate? Want more from your life?

Discover new ways to raise that delicious sexual energy that empowers us and our relationships. During October’s Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women 45+, you not only will learn new skills and hone those you have, you will explore the psychology, physicality, sexuality and spirituality of kinky erotic power play with 50 shades of sensations.

We’ll show you how to take charge, using skills like light bondage, spanking, flogging and erotic games of trust and sensation like collaring rituals, and receive the pleasure you desire.  We’ll give you tools you can use to connect your heat and heart in authentic erotic energy exchange.

Who is this Intensive for?

The Erotic Dominance Intensive for you if you are ready to step into your erotic power fully and embody your kinky dominant fantasies!

Attend with a partner or alone.  Cléo’s Academy of SM Arts will have trusted volunteer bottoms on hand!  LGBT welcome.

Join Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax for an empowering weekend of kinky play; your life will never be the same!

What does this Intensive include?

  • Friday evening “Meet and Greet” at a private SOMA location
  • Group and one-on-one instruction
  • Experienced volunteer bottoms
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Private guided play party (play with a partner or volunteer bottom)
  • Snacks and beverages

How Much does this Intensive Cost?

$600 alone, $900 with a partner

Have Questions?

Please visit our FAQ page.

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Mission Control Presents Threshold: Dark Rites


As the season turns towards darkness, we will gather on November 2nd to practice rites that expose and tame our own darkness. Whether your rituals are silent or driven by beats, uplifting or disturbing, hidden or exposed, we want you to bring them to Threshold! Come summon some demons or punish some angels with us! 

Due to a venue change, this is the LAST Threshold at the current Mission Control space! Come out and help us see the space off in style!

Spooky dancing beats will be provided by the ever-talented DJ Auralincarnation (Bent, Threshold)!

We are delighted to announced a pre-Threshold playshop by Cleo Dubois – Dark Rites: D/s Dynamics and BDSM Ritual! At 9PM!

Sensation play sure is fun, but how about adding depth to your kinky dynamic? Discover how your intention, focus, rhythm and a bit of protocol deepens the connection you share in play. Take or surrender control fully! Embody all the facets of your erotic self. Connect your kink, heart and spirit!
Click here for details:

Leather and Spice: Beginning the Journey

Leather and Spice: Beginning the Journey

By Marianne Messina and Cleo Dubois

In this interview with Marianne Messina, Cléo Dubois talks about how her personal journey into BDSM began, where to find information when you don’t have a mentor, and how BDSM can help people grow in their erotic relationships. A longer version of this article, aimed at newbies and those who are “kink curious” appeared on in August 2004.

Download PDFDownload a PDF copy of this interview


Marianne Messina (MM): Can you briefly talk about your personal journey with BDSM and maybe what you’ve learned about the variety of options in the BDSM world?

CLÉO DUBOIS: I did not always know that I was kinky. In my 20s I loved to pick an argument with my lover, provoking him to get rough with me and then feel so sorry that he would do anything to please me! Well, that sort of manipulation totally disappeared from my life once I discovered my SM, the link that brought my sexuality into focus. I started to integrate all of the aspects of myself: brat, good girl, submissive, sadist, disciplinarian, mentor, control queen, Domina, mentor, slut, nurturer and ritualist.

Cleo Dubois, with friends, from the early days of her journey into BDSMIn the early 80’s, with the encouragement of a kinky boyfriend, I began exploring the SM frontiers in the San Francisco Leather Community.  These fantasy/mind/body explorations were a powerful venue for my erotic fulfillment and self-discovery; they taught me that negotiated sadomasochism is a valid path to self-discovery, healing and intimacy. It didn’t take me long to realize that I loved bottoming [being the one who submits] as well as topping [being the one who dominates], as long as it was consensual and negotiated.

I joined the first local SM education group, The Society of Janus [], attended all meetings and volunteered for everything: spanking, flogging, bondage, play piercing etc. Once I felt that I knew enough to be a safe player, I became a professional Dominant out of my passion for the Scene.

MM: Say someone’s trying something for the first time — bondage, spanking, whatever — and they don’t have the benefit of a mentor, how can they approach it safely?

CLÉO DUBOIS: First look into your fantasies, and follow your intuition. Decide what you are willing to actualize. So, you want to be a little brat and be spanked by “Daddy,” or you, Mr. Businessman, want to be a lipstick lesbian for the evening, tied up and teased by your girlfriend? If you think that the time is right, bring it up in loving conversation with your partner and listen to their response. If someone paints a picture you don’t feel you fit in, say so. You are the only one who can tell if the idea of doing something kinky turns you on or off. Listen to yourself.

Start slow whether you are the top or the bottom. It is a real good idea to leave your partner wanting just a little more, but it can be devastating for both of you, to hurt him/her by pushing yourself or them, whether you are the bottom wanting more or the top wanting more.

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